Top Ten Toys for Christmas 2023

December 5, 2023 7:04 pm in by

Christmas this year might be a tight one for the purses but with plenty of sales in the lead up to the big day we’ve researched our little hearts out to put together a list of the top toys that are a sure fire hit under the tree when the big fella in red arrives.

So don’t worry parents, we’ve got you covered! Although we’ve labeled these 10 to 1 they really are all winners in no particular order.

10: Barbie Dream House

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The classic with a twist, the Barbie Dream House. The movie might not have been all that little kid friendly but that hasn’t stopped Barbie being a global hit in family homes again this year and Christmas will be no different. The newly renovated Dreamhouse has had many versions over the years but we think this might be the best yet. They’ve moved the pool to the bottom level separate to the house and the slide is bigger and better than ever. Plus the elevator is there for fantastic inclusion of diversity during play. Priced at around $198.

9: Spot it! Dobble Card Game by Asmodee

If you haven’t played this yet you are in for a treat. The Dobble card game is a perfect stocking filler this year in a game of memory snap. This is for ages 6+ and for around 2-8 players. But we’ve been playing it with kids as young and 3 and they have a blast playing in teams. Side note: if it looks familiar it’s likely because Macca’s included packs in happy meals this year making them a huge success

Various prices but around $17

8: Anything Gabby’s Dollhouse (But Especially this)

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Gabby’s Dollhouse is a big deal, if you don’t know much about it then ask your kids. The hit show on Netflix. If you can still get one then the Gabby Girl Doll for ages 3+ is a fun 20cm figure dressed in her classic outfit with all the details you’d expect like her signature cat ears. Price around $32.

7: LEGO (the no-brainer of ultimate present giving)

Does it come any bigger than LEGO? I doubt it. In our house when we don’t know what to get anyone for a present it will be LEGO and if we do it will be LEGO anyway. The versatility and ability to just play are second to none. From Ninjago to City, to Creator to Friends. There’s even branded sets for Gabby’s Dollhouse, Star Wars and more. If there are no little bricks of power under our tree this year, I might just have to have a second Christmas to make up for it.  Special mention this year to the new Dreamzzz range that is like a choose your own adventure of building. There’s a clever Youtube series to go with it as well.

Price: Various.

6. Melissa & Doug Barber Role Play Set

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The Melissa and Doug series is known for quality and style and that’s what you get with the new Barber Role Play Set. Care for hair complete with an adjustable beard (sized to fit kids and most small faced adults) with pretend play barber essentials and shaving accessories Includes vibrating trimmer, shaving cream can, play rolling razor, scissors, brush, comb, textured play pomade, wash cloth, adjustable mirror, reusable double-sided activity card; all supplies store in a zippered shaving kit. Don’t worry mum, it won’t cut real hair.. We hope. Great for ages 3 to 6. Price $69.95.

5: Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise takes caring for your fake pets to a whole new interactive level. This Guinea Pig Mama magically Has 3 Babies! Once her heart lights up, she is ready to enter her hutch and magically reveal her babies! When will her babies arrive? And just how did she get pregnant in the first place? No one can say, but they are just so darn cute that no one will ask anyway. Price $89.

4: Furby

Hasbro Furby is back, the mysterious toy from the early 90s is back in an all new style with vibrant colours. Kid’s voices unlock the interactive glory of these little bundles of fun with phrases like “Let’s Dance”, “Light Show” and “Let’s Chill”. But don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight.. Oh wait sorry, I always get them mixed up with that famous movie creature. Price $80+.

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3: Trolls Band Together

Trolls has landed in cinemas and back on toy shelves so Queen Poppy and Branch are once again household names, but really did they ever stop? The first two films have been on repeat in our house for years. The new Trolls Band Together range includes a Mattel Trolls Band Together Fashion Doll with 15 accessories and DIY Hair. Ages 3+. $46.86

2: Bitzee

Bitzee could be the new Tamagotchi and your new best friend. This digital pet is in 3D and you can touch it. It will react to your interaction and you can even rock them to sleep. The Bitzee will eventually grow into an adult and then evolve into a Super Bitzee. The more you play with it the more you can unlock with 15 pets to gain. This one’s for 5 and up and is a top pick for kids this Christmas. $40.

1: Bluey Playhouse

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Bluey is Australia’s greatest export of the last few years. An adorable show for both kids and adults alike and a wonderful education tool as well. The playhouse could rival the Barbie playhouse for the simple fact that it is so recognisable as the house from the show complete with the Kiwi Rug. This 3-story 7 room house in Brisbane sure does make you wonder what Bandit and Chilli earn in their jobs and it’s likely they also have a side hustle or a family inheritance somewhere hidden away. For ages 3 and up and for blokes in their 30s that just can’t get enough of the little lovely characters after the kids go to bed. 

Price: $135.00

There’s plenty more fantastic toys out there waiting to be gifted this Christmas, but with lots of hands-on research these are the ones that we think are sure to be popular so make sure the parents get the praise for these and let Santa gift them the socks and shorts.