Zinc 96's Secret Sound

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The All New Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off thanks to

Billy and the team at Century 21 Platinum Agents Gympie.

Congrats to Jurgen from Tewantin for correctly guessing the last sound and winning $1000, which was Using the spoon to squeeze the tea bag! See the winning moment here

Keep listening to Bilko and Jade for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!


  • Using a stapler
  • Unlocking a car door
  • Flicking a deck of cards
  • Rubbing your hand across corduroy pants
  • Ripping velcro open really quickly
  • Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  • Dropping a magazine on a coffee table
  • Flicking the pages on a book
  • Ripping the tabs off a band aid
  • Ripping sticky tape off a roll
  • Cutting a carrot with a knife
  • Ripping a piece of paper towel off a roll
  • Dropping a needle on a record
  • Opening a medical Tetris pack
  • Flipping the pages of a book
  • Opening or closing the zip on a jacket
  • Using a windscreen wiper
  • Using a lighter
  • Tearing off a piece of toilet paper