Zinc 96's Secret Sound

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The All New Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off thanks to

Billy and the team at Century 21 Platinum Agents Gympie.

Keep listening to Bilko and Jade for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!


  • Shaking the sand off a towel
  • Velcro ripping 
  • Cutting a piece of cardboard with a stanley knife
  • Pulling a tissue out of a box
  • Dropping a stress ball on a table
  • Ripping a bandaid off a hairy leg
  • Pulling off a post it note
  • Pulling sticky tape off a cardboard box
  • Swiping a card through a credit card machine
  • Using a small lighter with the circle thing in the centre
  • Closing a car door or boot
  • Using an asthma puffer
  • Using a pump to blow up a balloon
  • Cutting open a cardboard box
  • Blowing air across a microphone
  • Using a fly swatter to swat a fly
  • Slinding a window closed
  • Ripping off a band aid
  • Ripping a post-it note off a stack of post-its
  • Trying to ignite a Zippo lighter
  • The air thing closing on a security door
  • Clicking the internal door locks on a car
  • Ripping the wax strip off when you get a Brazilian
  • Twisting the lid off a softdrink
  • Putting bread down in a toaster
  • The sound of an automatic bug spray mister
  • Using a lighter
  • Swinging a golf club
  • Opening a velcro pocket
  • Putting a stake in the ground
  • an electric window on a car closing
  • hitting a space bar on a computer keyboard
  • taking the air hose connector off the tyre when you are putting air in
  • Lighting a stove
  • Using a paper guillotine
  • Extinguishing a match in a glass of water
  • Slicing through a watermelon
  • Starting a lighter
  • Tearing paper towel off a roll
  • Hitting a golf ball
  • Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box 
  • Pulling the velcro off a shoe
  • When you sit on an office chair and get off it and it comes back up
  • The sound of sticky tape going across the cutting teeth
  • Pulling a tissue out of a box
  • Zipping a zipper
  • Ripping paper towel off in the paper dispenser
  • Turning off a lamp switch
  • Esky closing
  • Locking the screen on your phone or tablet
  • Opening an envelope
  • Pulling apart Lego
  • Retracting a vacuum cleaner cord
  • Tearing the tab off a baby’s nappy
  • Pulling notes apart
  • Tearing off a piece of gladwrap 
  • Opening a cereal box
  • Pulling a paper straw out of a packet
  • Peeling a carrot
  • Using a lighter that doesn’t have gas in it
  • Shower screen door closing
  • Pulling a baby wipe out of a packet
  • Pulling the opening tab off a packet of disinfectant wipes
  • Pumping a soap dispenser’
  • Pulling the trigger on a bottle of Windex
  • Pulling up the tab on a baby’s nappy
  • Snapping a piece of dental floss
  • Slapping a wet mop on the floor
  • shutting the screen door on the shower
  • a windscreen wiper going across the windscreen
  • a vacuum sucking up a ball of fluff

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