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SQL MCY Z96 Secret Sound Promo SCWF 1200x600

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off!

Keep listening to Bilko & Ali for Breakfast for your chance to play, and keep an eye on this page for a list of incorrect guesses.

Incorrect Guesses

dice popper from board games "trouble" and "headache"

old style credit card swiper machine

unlocking/locking a briefcase

latch on a toilet door

security gate latch

pushing the button on a mivrowave door

lever arch file closing

closing a retro fridge

knob on a pool gate

water dispenser lever on a fridge

front loader washing machine door unlocking

self inking stamp

hole puncher

deadlock on a door

coffee cup dropping down in a vending machine

coin going into a slot and being pushed in

industrial stapler

regular stapler

push button lock on a door

retractable office stamp

pool balls hitting each other

a nail gun

locking mechanism on a dryer door

on/off button on a dishwasher

car keyless entry

self locking door on a cupboard

coffee pod dropping into a coffee machine

coffee release latch on a grinder

can opener

the clicking noise a washing machine makes when it's finished the cycle

smashing a takeaway coffee cup

magnetic release on a cupboard

closing a washine machine detergent drawer

car bonnet latch

an ice cube tray emptying

clipboard dropping onto a table

old credit card swiper machine

skateboard jumping or "taking the drop"

door latch shutting

a retail pricing gun/machine

industrial stapler

a car glovebox closing

a tap shoe tapping

camera shutter

someone knocking on the door twice

bowling ball coming back up the conveyor

a table tennis ball being served

a chiropractor's adjustment table

a seatbelt clicking in

the pump action on a Nerf gun

hand held vac being put into the charger 

locking mechanism on a safe

a heavy duty door closing

kerplunk board game

security tag being removed

cordless kettle being put on the base

car tyres driving over expansion joints

eftpos machine

spring loaded pen being clicked on a table

knuckles knocking on a table

putting a microphone down on a table

time card (bundy) machine

kicking a can on the road

cleaning the computer with a mouse