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We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off thanks to TSS Transportable Shade Sheds.


Keep listening to Bilko & Ali for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!


Marty and Doc activating the flux capacitor

taking a screenshot on a mobile phone

taking a screenshot on an Ipad

cocking a rifle

flicking through a deck of cards

pushing a tablet out of its packet

static (Bilko's accidental guess) 

bug flying into an insect zapper

ripping sticky tape off a dispenser

squishing/popping some bubble wrap

an apple mac putting something in the trash can

taking the plastic off a cheese slice

the welding stick hitting the metal

pushing the button on an old cash register

a static ball (Van Der Graaf generator)

a sticky hand toy slapping on something and being pulled off

scrunching up some xmas paper

screwing up a chip packet

the bulb flash on an old camera

pulling some velcro apart

putting up a caravan annex

tearing off an eftpos receipt

ripping some glad wrap off 

hair scrunchie breaking

putting garlic through a garlic press

a card being dealt when playing patience on your phone 

squeezing the water out of a bath toy

a tennis ball being ripped off a grippy catcher

squeezing a squeeze sauce pkt

pulling apart a piece of stuck together glad wrap 

opening a chip packet

opening a can of drink

tape measure retracting

pulling a picture frame off a velcro wall dot

putting pressure on and squishing some fruit

pushing down on the dome in a game of 'Trouble'

flicking through a deck of cards

jumper leads sparking/zapping when they touch

ripping a plastic garbage bag off the roll

peeling the back off a gift bow sticker

tearing off an eftpos receipt 

tearing off a piece of alfoil

ripping off a bandaid

tearing open a bandaid packet

taking a bite of an apple

pulling slime out of a container

a mozzie flying into a mozzie zapper 

standing on a potato chip

breaking apart a kit kat

squeezing a mentos out of the packet

rubbing two sticks together

plastic cup getting squashed

a viewfinder clicking to the next slide

striking a match

clapping your hands 

liquid paper tape dispenser

stepping on an egg

peeling a bandaid off skin

ripping a piece of masking tape off the roll

ripping off Bilko's shark tooth necklace

opening a pkt chips

opening a beer bottle

a retracting vacuum cleaner cord when it gets to the end

taking a takeaway container lid off

twisting/tieing a rubber balloon

blowing an unravelling party horn with a broken horn

taking a bite out of celery

undoing velcro sprots shoes

unwrapping a fruit roll up

pushing the ignition on a gas bbq

squeezing the last bit of water out of high pressure cleaner

crushing an egg in your hand