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We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off thanks to TSS Transportable Shade Sheds.


Keep listening to Bilko & Ali for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!


 cutting paper with a guillotine

shaking a tic tac box

casting a fishing rod

taking a picture with a mobile phone


when a record player makes when it comes to the end of the album

flicking the paper in a book

running over a plastic cup on the road

a skateboard going over a crack in the concrete

hole puncher

scratching on a scratchie with a coin

when you pull a sticky note off and it lets go of the glue (Connor's guess)

opening and closing a freezer door

lighting a match

Zippo lighter

Dymo label printing machine

credit card running through the EFTPOS machine

turning a light switch on or off

the noise of a card being dealt when playing solitaire on the phone

the coding game called "scratch" when you move a block

car window closing

pricing gun

keyboard key pushing down

tearing the toilet paper off the roll

slapping a ruler on a tabletop

 retracting tape measure

munching on a Smith's chip

removing a staple from paper

a wax strip removing hair from......well.....use your imagination! ;P

clicking the lever on a view master

turning the pages on an online book

scissors opening or closing

unlocking the password on your phone

rolling dice out of a container

opening a bottle of water or drink when you break the seal

an umbrella opening

water running out of a tap into a sink

unlocking a lock or padlock

tearing the sticky tape off the plastic dispenser

flicking a tea towel at someone

the noise a Pez dispenser makes

an old-style telephone dialling

clicking your seatbelt in

self-inking stamp

flicking the jug on to boil

turning the indicator in the car on

dropping an egg into a frying pan

something sucking their tongue on the back of their teeth

ripping sticky tape off the dispenser

swinging a tennis racquet

ring pull on a tin or can

chomping into a carrot

press the button on a digital camera

a cassette dropping into a player

self-inking stamp

breaking a stick

pushing on the milk bottle lid

someone hanging up an old phone

an electric stapler

pulling apart some velcro

clicking in a seatbelt

the shutter going on an old fashioned camera

putting a straw into a popper and sliding it down

biting into an apple

flicking through a bundle of cash

an old typewriter flicking the carriageway to the end

pushing a pill out of a pill packet

window sliding along the track

flicking through a pack of cards

opening or closing an air fryer

opening or closing a bread maker

the latch locking on a glass sliding door

an automatic card shuffler

shaking a box of Redhead matches

pulling on a seatbelt till it clicks

flicking a towel 

cutting through a piece of celery

a docket getting put onto a spike

pressing the 'play button on a cassette player

cracking open a pistachio

opening/closing a car door

a camera shutter

flicking something with your finger

locking an Iphone screen

a washing machine unlocking at the end of the cycle

a kettle flicking off when it's boiled

turning a key in a lock

a mouse clicking

auto-locking the doors in a car 

an old school credit card machine swiping

opening or closing a microwave door

swiping a page in an e-book

undoing a seatbelt

striking a match 

the second's hand on a clock ticking over

cutting an apple

clicking a ballpoint pen

a baby capsule clicking into the base

a DVD drawer opening 

undoing the main door at Sunshine Coast Washers & Fridges

turning the home computer on/off

an old-style door closing

an automatic toaster going down

an artificial sweetener container dispensing a tablet

a petrol cap cover opening

the screen closing on your smartphone

clicking fingers

dropping a raw egg onto a table

a cigar cutter

an automatic ice cube dispenser 

a mobile going onto the magnetic holder in a car

plugging the hard drive USB cable into the computer

taking a screenshot on an iPhone

opening the case to ear pods

flicking the switch that puts your iPhone on silent

popping a cd onto the circular holder in its case

closing the clasp on a purse

taking a screenshot 

tapping on a microphone

putting a phone into a case

pressing the lock button in the car

pressing a button on the calculator 

printing a document

cutting the end off a zooper dooper

a magnetic phone case clipping up

keyboard key getting stuck and then unstuck

a security tag being taken off

scanning the QR code

rubik's cube turning

the clip on a clipboard snapping 

pulling the loader on a nerf or water gun 

the plastic clip closing on a display folder

setting up a plastic mousetrap

plugging in/unplugging a mic jack

pressing a button on a keyboard

an electric plastic bag sealer

pulling the tape off a tape dispenser

unlatching a briefcase

plugging the phone charger cord in

a laptop closing 

a bic pen clicking 

flicking through the white pages

clicking in a seatbelt

a viewmaster

turning on/off a dolphin torch

clicking your tongue

unlocking a safe

unplugging a mobile phone charger

plugging a power cord INto the outlet

plugging in/pulling out a usb

putting a back on an earring

dropping a coffee cup into the car cup holder

Pushing a power cord INto a computer

opening the sim compartment in a mobile phone

the clicking noise a sliding window makes when it shuts

checking in with the QR code

sticky dot being pulled off

cassette player when it's on pause

a self inking stamp

lighting an oxy torch

shutting a microwave door

clicking the hose INto the mask of a c-pap machine

snapping a piece of celery

clicking a stapler

hanging up an old phone

car driving over a reflectors on the road

clicking together a bike helmet

a laptop CD compartment closing

flicking your fingernails

a CD case closing

locking a small safe door

pressing the button on a car key to flick out the key

headphones getting plugged into a mobile phone

taking a screenshot on a Samsung phone

pressing the volumeup/down button on a remote control

unlocking the screen on your Iphone and going to the home screen

pushing a pop socket back IN on your phone

plugging a phone charger cord INTO the USB port

plugging IN the blue ADSL cable to a computer

a car window latch unlocking

a photocopier making a copy

sliding the top off a mobile phone

putting the lid back on a USB

putting a disc INTO a discman

peeling the plastic off a glass screen saver

closing an air pod case

pulling the earpods out of an Iphone

ejecting a disc from a computer

pushing the button to turn off an Iphone

sliding the controller into the nintendo switch bay

pluggin in a USB to a port

sim card going into the back of an Iphone

the locking sound of an Iphone 6

unplugging a smart watch to it's charger

closing a pop socket on the back of your phone

dragging your digital eftpos card onto the screen

Turning off a surround sound amp with a remote

Button to open the CD drive of a laptop

Flipping a card in online solitaire

locking your Iphone

Pressing the on/off button on your tv remote

Emptying the computer's recycle bin

Putting a Nintendo Switch into Sleep Mode

unlocking a car's door with the remote

pushing in the non-spring end of the battery into a compartment

putting a keyboard onto the keyboard tray of the desk

Feeding a document into a scanner

Turn iPod off with top button

Turning a Mouse on/off

Click of a Speed Camera

Opening a slider USB

Inserting AAAs into a TV Remote

Flicking open a USB

Interface Device from a computer tablet

Unplugging a USB cord from a laptop/computer

Electronic Keypad of a locked door

Uploading data onto a USB stick

Turning your keyboard on

Clicking the red X to close a page

Connecting a Smart Watch to it's magnetic charger

Putting AirPods back into their magnetic case

taking someone's temperature with a temperature gun

pressing a button down on a cassette player

turning your Iphone light on 

putting Samsung earbuds back in the case

when you 'tap to spin' when playing online pokies

taking a selfie on your phone