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We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off thanks to Century 21 platinum agents Gympie.

Keep listening to Bilko and Jade for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!


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Brought to you by Billy and the team at Century 21 platinum agents Gympie.



 Running your thumb over the end of a deck of cards

Shutting a venetian blind

Clicking of a camera lens 

Using the ice maching on a fridge

Tapping your fingernails on a counter top

Using a money counting machine to count notes

Using a printing calculator

Cutting a piece of toast

Running your finger across a keyboard

The sound of a big lawn sprinkler going across and returning to original position

Old spinning prize wheel with the flicker going over the peg

Putting a CD in a CD player

Dropping a stack of CD's at the same time

A Slinky going down the stairs

Dropping a stack of casino chips

Putting the fuel cap back on your car

Stomping on an aluminium can

Pulling the starter rope on a whipper snipper

Running your fingers across a thick comb

Using a salt grinder

Putting the foot down on a sewing machine

Shutting an esky lid

Dropping a coffee pod in a coffee machine

Using an automatic card shuffler

Flicking across the pages of a book

Stacking chairs

Putting paper in a paper shredder

Axe splitting wood

Short bursts on a reciprocating saw

Dropping a stack of coins

Pushing a cartridge back into a printer

The shutter closing on a proper camera

Using a spanner

A pelican pooing on a car windscreen

Opening the lock on a briefcase