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SQL MCY Z96 Secret Sound Promo SCWF 1200x600

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

The Zinc 96 Secret Sound prize pool will jackpot every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Bilko & Ali for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses!




cutting paper with a guillotine

shaking a tic tac box

casting a fishing rod

taking a picture with a mobile phone


when a record player makes when it comes to the end of the album

flicking the paper in a book

running over a plastic cup on the road

a skateboard going over a crack in the concrete

hole puncher

scratching on a scratchie with a coin

when you pull a sticky note off and it let's go of the glue (Connor's guess)

opening and closing a freezer door

lighting a match

zippo lighter

dymo label printing machine

credit card running through the eftpos machine

turning a light switch on or off

the noise of a card being dealt when playing solitaire on the phone

the coding game called "scratch" when you move a block

car window closing

pricing gun

keyboard key pushing down

tearing the toilet paper off the roll

slapping a ruler on a tabletop

 retracting tape measure

munching on a Smith's chip

removing a staple from paper

a wax strip removing hair from......well.....use your imagination! ;P

clicking the lever on a view master

turning the pages on an online book

scissors opening or closing

unlocking the password on your phone

rolling dice out of a container

opening a bottle of water or drink when you break the seal

an umbrella opening