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Man dies after stabbing attack in Moreton Bay

A man in his 40s has died on a road in the Moreton Bay area after he was repeatedly stabbed in the head and chest outside a convenience store.
Police have taken a distressed woman, who was with the man, to a police station and have launched a murder investigation.
It's possible a third party was involved in the stabbing, which occurred outside a 7-Eleven outlet at Murrumba Downs about 5.45am on Thursday.
"He (the victim) was in company with a woman. That woman is uninjured however she is extremely distressed," Inspector Steve Flori told reporters at the scene on Blyth Road.
He said the nature of the relationship between the victim and the woman wasn't yet clear.
"We know nothing at this point in time. There is some disparity ... whether they are friends, whether they were even ... associates."
Insp Flori said the man, who is aged about 40, was alive when police and paramedics were called but had died by the time emergency services arrived.
Police have doorknocked the area but have not found anyone with any useful information, other than reports that screaming was heard.
Police have closed Blyth Road.
Image: Police establish a crime scene on Blyth Road (image courtesy of QPS)