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Russell Crowe makes big sea change

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Russell Crowe has made a life-saving donation to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Crowe funding a brand new, state of the art endoscope, which is vital for saving sea turtles.

The new endoscope will give vets the ability to conduct otherwise invasive surgical procedures with minimal impact on the patient, by avoiding large-scale incisions for tasks such as removal of fish hooks from the gullet and upper gastrointestinal tract.

In many cases, this can be achieved with no actual surgical procedure or only minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. This results in patient recovery time being greatly reduced and increases turtles' surgery survival rates dramatically.

The endoscope is also the perfect tool for those turtles that may require larger scale surgery, providing bright and magnified views, particularly useful for performing difficult access surgery intervention. 

Terri Irwin, the founder of Wildlife Warriors, has thanked Crowe.

“This endoscope will mean a higher success rate for rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles, enabling even more of these endangered animals to be returned to the ocean. Russell Crowe’s generosity will not only benefit individual sea turtles, but will also contribute to the well being of entire species,” she said.


Image: courtesy Australia Zoo