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Slow down, it's Back to School today


With school returning, here is a timely reminder to slow down and be safety-aware in and around school zones.

The busy environment before and after school brings an increase of pedestrian traffic, cyclists, school buses and private vehicles.  These traffic conditions can affect the safety of school students and other members of the community.

Students can often be rushed, preoccupied or unpredictable and school zone speed limits give drivers a greater reaction time if necessary.

School zones are identified by signs which are displayed on each approach to the school.  The signs indicate the speed limit and the times during which they apply.

The standard operating times for most school zones in Queensland is 7–9am and 2–4pm. 

Sunshine Coast Police remind drivers that reducing traffic speed within school zones is imperative for community safety and school zone speed limits are enforced.

Image: QPS Media