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'No-brainer': Maleny Dairies launching lactose-free milk


Lactose-intolerant milk lovers on the Sunshine Coast will soon be able to buy local with Maleny Dairies launching its lactose-free brand next month.

Customer demand and a growing population of people seeking a lactose-free alternative made it an easy decision to release a lactose-free version, according to chief operating officer Grant Galvin.

“About 4 per cent of Australians are lactose intolerant so producing a lactose free milk is a no-brainer,” he says.

“We think there's probably about 30 per cent of people that choose lactose-free milk over normal milk everyday, so for us it was really an absolute necessity.

“Every single barista is asking us for lactose-free milk.”

Mr Galvin says Maleny Dairies has modified the factory to ensure it can produce the lactose-free variety on a large scale.

“Often when you drink lactose free milk it tastes sweeter, but we've produced a product that pretty much tastes exactly like full cream,” he says.


Image: Maleny Dairies Facebook