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Two Sunshine Coast men become overnight millionaires


Two Sunshine Coast men are set to retire, after becoming overnight millionaires.

Both men took out a share in Saturday's Gold Lotto division one prize, each taking home $1.8 million.

One of the men, from Kings Beach, has told officials from The Lott, he plans on clocking off work for good.

“I’m shaking on the phone. Just complete shock. I can’t believe this has actually happened."

"I’m going to retire immediately. Stuff working now," he says.

“My wife is at home today, so I’ll be trying to clock off as soon as possible and head home to celebrate with her."

The second man from Noosa also planned to retire, using the winnings to buy a brand new boat and sail off into the sunset.

“I’ve got a fair idea of how my life is going to go now. I’ll do a bit of work on my house and fix up a few things first," he says.

“But then I’ll retire, buy myself a boat and spend the next 10 to 15 years relaxing and enjoying life."

“You dream of things like this happening but never expect them to. It’s going to completely change my life.”

Both men purchased their winnings tickets online.