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Mayor's plea as COVID cases soar in Noosa


The Noosa Mayor has issued a plea for locals and visitors to protect themselves and help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Clare Stewart says more than 1,300 cases have been recorded in the region since Christmas.

“Omicron’s impact has been felt the world over and Noosa is no different,” Mayor Clare Stewart says.

“It’s natural to be worried, but our vaccination rate in Noosa is above 95% and the health experts reassure us that for the majority of vaccinated people who contract the virus, the symptoms will be mild and typically only last a few days.”

While Rapid Antigen Tests are still hard to find, the Mayor says local testing facilities are back up and running for any close contacts or anyone with COVID symptoms, including the drive-through clinic at the Weyba Rd AFL grounds and the pop-up clinic in Hastings St.

“We’re also sourcing rapid antigen tests for businesses to help them quickly get on top of outbreaks and reduce staffing impacts as we know many businesses are struggling to open.

“Our own Council facilities are facing similar issues, with recent closures at Noosa Aquatic Centre and Noosa Regional Gallery.

“We’re doing our best to ensure contingency plans are in place, and I encourage residents to make use of our online services wherever possible,” she says.

Council’s environmental health officers are also working with businesses to help reduce risks to staff and customers and quickly deal with outbreaks and exposures.

To help keep yourself and the community safe, Councillor Stewart is encouraging people to wear a mask if you're heading out and about, and to avoid crowded places wherever you can.

“Work from home if you’re able to and check-in on vulnerable relatives or neighbours to see if they need any essential supplies so that they can stay at home."