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Half of QLD rentals lag behind as smoke alarm laws loom


Time is running out for Queensland landlords to get their smoke alarms up to code.

From January 1, all rental properties in the state must have interconnected, photoelectric, smoke alarm systems, so if one alarm is triggered, they all go off.

The alarms must be hardwired or be powered by non-removable 10-year lithium batteries.

There must also be a unit installed in every bedroom, connecting hallway, and level of a property.

Despite the law coming into effect in less than five weeks, data collected by property technology company Console has revealed less than half of Queensland rental properties currently comply with the new requirements.

Console Chief Operating Officer Matt McGown says around 60 per cent of rentals aren't up to code.

"This is particularly a problem in areas around Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone and the Bowen Basin."

The figures show nearly 90 per cent of Townsville rental properties do not have interconnected smoke alarms in place, while only 13.95 per cent of leased properties around Mackay and 12.14 per cent of rental homes in the Bowen Basin are ready for the new laws.

In Nambour and Pomona, 26.98 per cent of rental properties have complied with the new laws, making the area the ninth least compliant in the state.

Mr McGown says the deadline to have the correct smoke alarms systems installed is rapidly approaching.

"With tens of thousands of properties across the state needing the new smoke alarm systems, property managers and landlords will be under a lot of pressure to meet the impending deadline."

"Considering hard-wired must be installed by a licensed electricians, the time to install smoke alarms is rapidly running out."