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Sunshine Coast cops an overnight drenching


Those rain gauges might be looking a little full following last night's downpour on the Sunshine Coast.

Areas between Caboolture and Maroochydore have received a drenching since 9am yesterday.

Matthew Bass from the Weather Bureau says the southern end of the coast has seen some pretty big rainfall totals.

"The highest total that we actually saw was at Rose Creek Road near Caboolture; that just tipped over the 100millimetre mark.

"As we get up into the Sunshine Coast proper, Palmwoods had 84mm, Sugar Bag Road near Caloundra 60 mm, and Sippy Downs 59 - so generally in that 50 to 60 mm mark."

Mr Mass says the coast is in for more wet weather today, before the trough system causing all the moisture moves off shore this evening.