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Below average winter rainfall recorded across regional Queensland


Drought is continuing to impact parts of Queensland as the state records below average rainfall for winter.

Severe rainfall deficiencies remain in place for Capricornia, Wide Bay and Burnett districts and the Central Highland, while the South-East recorded less than average falls for September. 
Meteorologist Livio Regano says many areas are still grappling with drought and will for months ahead.
"It's more a case of the baseline of the last 1-2 years has been low, we still haven't recovered from the drought between 2017-2019," he says. 
"That's the problem, we're coming off a really bad baseline.
"In terms of real berth of rainfall where the rainfall deficiency is serious or severe, most of that is confined to the Capricornia or Wide Bay Burnett, less to the South-east coast.
"But the South-East coast isn't doing great, the dams certainly need a lot of help."
He says unfortunately, there is not much reprieve in sight. 
"Even though the seasonal outlook is promising for above median rainfall, October traditionally is a pretty dry month except for the odd late evening thunderstorm.
"So we're left in this uncertain situation where the Wide Bay, in particular, has missed out."