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Cyber crime rife on coast

A Sunshine Coast based business that helps victims of cyber security has seen an almost  fifty percent increase in demand for its services throughout the pandemic.  
A Kawana woman was recently scammed from a caller, claiming they were from Telstra upgrading the area to 5G, the scammer manage to access her computer and personal files. 
Kathy Sundstrom from ID care,  has some advice if it sounds dodgy, hang up,
"Be very careful before you give anyone remote accesss to your computer or your mobile phone, 
In this particular case the woman had a copy of her drivers license on her device" 

Cases skyrocket with more Australians working from home during pandemic

"The goal of the scammer is to get remote access,
And essentially it's like giving them the key to the kingdom, in the fact they can now access your files," Ms Sundstrom says.