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Australia Zoo submits revised plans for its $8m wildlife camp


Australia Zoo has revised its plans for its $8 million Camp Croc Hunter wildlife camping experience.

Initially, the project had eight cabins, 32 RV sites, 68 bush camp sites, reception and amenities.

The revised plans submitted to Sunshine Coast Council this week comprise of 68 cabins and 40 bush camp sites, essentially swapping the approved RV sites and some bush camp sites for additional cabins.

It also includes a newly designed reception building featuring: a drop-off area; service area and rubbish bin storage; koala enclosure; outdoor area; pool; and, ancillary koala and kangaroo enclosure.

The other change request also seeks approval for the development to be staged.

Stage 1 is the reception area and 8 cabins and includes the vegetation covenant previously conditioned.

Stage 2 is the remainder of the development on the basis that groups of cabins or the bush camp sites could be constructed in individual groups and in any order.


The camp site is expected to lure more than 39,000 visitors to the Sunshine Coast each year.

The developer report states: “Australia Zoo camp ground continues to maintain a direct nexus with Australia Zoo, a nature based focus and will promote environmental awareness, education and conservation.”

“The revised design for the Australia Zoo camp ground is therefore consistent with the land use definition of “NatureBased Tourism” which is a consistent and code assessable land use for the site and wider precinct.”

Camp Croc Hunter plans were first lodged to Sunshine Coast Council in 2015 and approved in 2016.

Australia Zoo expects the project will support up to 33 construction jobs and 43 operational jobs.

When the project is fully operational, it’s expected to attract more than 39,000 annual visitors and contribute up to $4.5 million in visitor expenditure a year to the region.

In 2019, the State Government announced that Australia Zoo would receive support through the government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund to build Camp Croc Hunter.


Images: Terrii Irwin feeding a crocodile. AAP/Darren England. Artist impression by WD Architects