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Camera collars to track Fraser Island dingoes


A three-month trial of camera collars to monitor the behaviour of dingoes on Fraser Island is underway.

The data will be used to better understand the dogs' behaviour, but also get a clearer picture about how many people are feeding them.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service acting regional director Stephen Price says the high-tech cameras will be worn by dingoes living in the Orchid Beach region.

"The camera collars are also GPS-enabled and will better inform our knowledge of their movements and interactions.

"Rangers will be able to track the wongari and download images to see where the animal has been and how it is behaving within its natural environment and around people," Mr Price says.

Rangers believe recent attacks are a result in a lack of fear among dingoes because they are continually fed by visitors.

Three children have been attacked this year.

Mr Price says the camera collars have been approved by an independent Animal Ethics Committee.

"Feeding and attracting wongari can have serious consequences - as we saw with the attack on a child at Orchid Beach recently - and can result in euthanasia of the animals.

"We believe a wongari from the Orchid Beach pack is responsible for the attack, but exactly which one could not be identified with any certainty," he says.

Anyone who sees a dingo wearing a collar on Fraser Island is being asked to exercise caution and keep their distance.DINGOCOLLAR2.JPG