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Man fined for feeding dingo on Fraser Island


A man has been fined thousands of dollars for feeding a dingo on Fraser Island.

On Saturday, an Eli Creek tourism operator saw the man feeding bread to the dingo, and they immediately reported him to wildlife rangers.

The man has been fined $2135 following a police investigation.

He was also fined $200 for driving his vehicle on Fraser Island without a permit.

In a written statement, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science says anyone who deliberately feeds or interacts with dingoes can expect a fine or to appear in court.

"Dingoes on K’gari are not starving and have access to plenty of natural food.

"Feeding dingoes can result in the animals becoming habituated, and they can lose their natural wariness of people," a spokesperson says.

There have been three reported dingo attacks on children on the island this year.

Residents and visitors should report any concerning dingo encounters to a ranger on the island or phone 07 4127 9150.