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Man loses thousands to phone scammers

A Birtinya man has been scammed out of thousands of dollars after a phone call with a fake Australian Federal Police officer.

The scammer convinced the 69-year-old he was being investigated for money laundering.
Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards says the victim was then ordered to purchase gift cards.
"Spending a total of $12,000, and the callers had him identify particulars on the card, so it would obviously make them usable to those offenders.
"Certainly, it was obviously a scam once he thought about it."
Police believe the incident could be linked to a similar scam that took place in December last year. 
"A 56-year-old lady had been scammed, also she had received a call indicating that she was subject to money laundering offences, Mr Edwards says. 
"The callers were believed to have had an Indian accent."