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Nambour Hospital gets specialist womens' equipment


A lifesaving piece of equipment in identifying women's cancers has been gifted to Nambour Hospital.

The $72,000 colposcope is used to diagnose cervical cancer.

This equipment was funded by health charity Wishlist in a bid to reduce wait lists for women waiting to be seen by the gynaecology department.

An extra clinic was spearheaded to enable specialist staff the time to see these patients awaiting possible diagnoses of cancer; however, extra equipment needed to be purchased too.

Charity CEO Lisa Rowe says

"Often resulting after a cervical screening a pap smear has detected potential pre-cancer cervical changes," Ms Rowe says.

"The sooner you can get in for a colposcope the better; both for stress level management and early detection."

She says the funds have been raised thanks to generous donations from the community and partners during the recent Giving Day appeal.

"There has been a colposcope at Nambour Hospital for some time and a team working feverishly to address the needs of the community.

"But by us, our community, providing an additional colposcope, we are able to work through whatever waiting list there may be."