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Boaties warned to store emergency beacons properly after accidental activation


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Boaties are being urged to store their emergency beacons correctly, after an accidental EPIRB activation sent crews scouring waters off Rainbow Beach this week. 

Helicopter and coast guards crews were called out late on Monday night, only to find the emergency device had most likely been activated accidentally.
It was located about 30 kilometres inland. 
John Macfarlane from Tin Can Bay Coast Guard says boaties need make sure the device is stored properly. 
"The EPIRB might not be secured properly, it may have been in the boat a fair while subject to weather and its condition has deteriorated, so it's really a case of making sure it's properly stowed, is in good condition and protected from adverse conditions.
He says while the devices save lives, accidental activations can waste resources. 
"If an EPIRB goes off, the police have to find it to make sure that there is a person in distress at the other end.
"So all in all, yes it is quite a waste."
[IMAGE: Courtesy Coast Guard Tin Can Bay.]