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Dozens of sensors collect real-time data in Woombye


High tech sensors are keeping watch over Woombye, to help shape future upgrades of roads and facilities in the area.

Ten devices have been installed on poles along Blackall Street, to gather real time data on pedestrian and traffic movement, while twenty car parking bay sensors have also been put in.

It's the first suburb on the Sunshine Coast to test out the new technology, under Council's Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) pilot project.

Councillor Winston Johnston says the sensors will track a number of things including traffic and pedestrian movements.

"How many people are moving in the street, how many cars are parked and for how long, and in addition to that we can track traffic that travels through the main street of Woombye," he says.

A water metre is also providing council with data on things like how many people are using public amenities in the area, how much water is being used and if there are water leaks, while a weather station and ambient temperature sensors will assist the Disaster Management team and climate change policy.

“A thermal image camera is also providing council with data on temperature comparisons between asphalt, concrete, grass, canopy or shaded locations," Cr Johnston says.

"This information will be used to improve planning and design of public areas, using materials and colours which provide cooler, more comfortable open spaces for our community,” Cr Johnston said.

The division 5 councillor says all up, the data collected will help Sunshine Coast Council improve services and facilities into the future.

"I think all future street scaping work in the coming years will utilise this data-set, that can be collected through this process."

He's reassuring locals that all data collected is anonymous.

"It's important that people don't think this is an intrusion on people's liberties; it's all anonymous, nobody's image is capture or anything like that."


Image: Supplied; ambient temperature sensor in Woombye