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Road upgrade at Meridan Plains complete


A smoother run to school and work for those who travel through Meridan Plains with a $17million upgrade complete.

The congestion-busting upgrade at Parklands Boulevard is now complete after 18 months of roadworks and delays for motorists.

The project features new dedicated cycle lanes adjacent to the traffic lanes and new signalised pedestrian crossings at the Sunset Drive and Meridan Way intersections.

Shared pathways have been installed on both sides of Parklands Boulevard.

Sunshine Coast Council committed $16.9 million towards the project, augmented with a grant of $750,000 from the State Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants.

Mayor Mark Jamieson says unprecedented growth in the southern parts of the state has meant roads needed to be upgraded soon after it was first built.

"Here we are having to expand this road really so soon after it was first delivered.

"It really does demonstrate a massive movement of people.”
"It would have been great if the leaders at the time could have forecast how much more road we would actually need.

"We have the same challenges today as we work with new developments and the need for new infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast."

He knows the new system will be welcome news for many.

"Like many other motorists I've experienced the traffic delays on this road prior to the upgrade.

"I'm delighted the work is now complete, and the peak hour delays will be a thing of the past."