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Endangered turtle hatchlings released into Imbil creek


Critically endangered turtle numbers have been bolstered slightly at Yabba Creek this week, with seven, white-throated snapping turtle hatchlings released into the wild.

Their mother, Yurtle, was rescued from the Imbil waterway in December, after suffering serious face and head trauma, sadly losing both her eyes.

Chief of staff Rosie Booth says Yurtle was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where vets found she was carry 14 eggs.

“As white-throated snapping turtles, Elseya albagula, are a critically endangered species of freshwater turtle, we did everything we could to ensure the survival of Yurtle and her 14 eggs,” says Dr. Booth.

“Yurtle was induced to lay her eggs in water and they were artificially incubated while she recovered from her traumatic injuries,” Dr. Booth said.

Seven of her babies survived, and have since hatched, before being released earlier this week.

Yurtle has also made a full recovery, but can't be released due to her loss of vision.

She will remain at another wildlife park where she'll be able to live in a comfortable and safe environment.

“We are delighted to have contributed to the conservation of this critically endangered species, with seven hatchlings back in the wild and one in a breeding program,” Dr. Booth says.