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Red Frogs keep watchful eye on Sunny Coast Schoolies


Partying teens will be in safe hands this weekend, with the Red Frog Army keeping a close eye on school leavers as they celebrate Schoolies Week 2020. D

Despite official events being cancelled due to COVID-19, thousands of Year 12 graduates are expected to flock to various locations across the Sunshine Coast from Friday, November 20.

Red Frog teams are also heading to Schoolies hotspots at Rainbow Beach, Noosa, Coolum, Maroochydore and Caloundra, to lend a hand.

Volunteers will help walk kids home safely, make them pancake breakfasts, and hand out seven tonnes of Allen's red frogs across the nation.

National coordinator Andy Gourley says they are prepared for a busy week.

"We do find that in a lot of locations that don't have diversionary activities, frog teams are utilised much more, but we are very blessed coming into a season where there are a lot more non-drinkers.

"They just end up playing Mario Cart and Uno and just having a great time down at the beach," Mr Gourley says.

Mr Gourley says grabbing the iconic lolly from the Red Frogs team will look a little different this year due to COVID-19 health regulations.

"No hands in the bags at all, the guys have gloves and it's a contactless drop into the hand.

"Also anything that we're cooking, we're using all disposable plates, but also for our walk-homes [we have to] watch our social distancing.

"But the guys will still be there to walk you home and the Schoolies can still ring the Red Frogs Hotline 24 hours, and download our app to access the froggies over Schoolies."

Mr Gourley also has a message for parents and carers, to make sure they are sending their kids off with all the necessary supplies.

"Stock them up with heaps of food and heaps of slabs of water because dehydration is an issue as well.

He says mums and dads can also call the Red Frongs Hotline if they are concerned.

"Let us know where little Mary and little Johnny are going and we will make sure we have a team keep an eye out for them.

"We definitely won't say Mum and Dad rang, that would be very uncool at Schoolies Week."

The Red Frogs Hotline number is 1300 557 123.

Photo by Emily Ranquist from Pexels