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Most popular dog names on the Sunny Coast


Several dogs might respond when you call out your pet's name at the park, if your pooch is called Bella or Charlie.

They are the top dog names registered with Sunshine Coast Council.

They are also the most popular cat names.

Check out the top five below:

Most popular dog names on the Sunshine Coast:

1. Bella

2. Charlie

3. Molly

4. Ollie

5. Ruby

Most popular cat names on the Sunshine Coast:

1. Bella

2. Charlie

3. Luna

4. Mia

5. Molly

Meanwhile, annual pet registration renewals are on the way, either by post or email, for the 60,848 cats and dogs registered on the Sunshine Coast.

Renewal is due by September 30.

Pet registration helps Sunshine Coast Council to reunite lost pets with their owners and it also helps to plan for services such as off-leash areas for dogs, education programs to promote responsible pet ownership and the animal pound.

Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson reminded residents that cats and dogs must be registered with council each year.

“Despite there being more than 60,000 pets registered, we anticipate there are many more that are currently not registered but need to be,” Cr Dickson said.

“Registration is an important part of responsible pet ownership and it’s also the best way to ensure your beloved cat or dog can be returned to you if it goes wandering.

“New residents to the Sunshine Coast can transfer their cat or dog registration for free, so if you’ve recently moved to the area now is the time to contact us and register your pet.”

In the Sunshine Coast region, there are currently 50,237 registered dogs, an increase of 1891 on the same time last year, and 10,611 cats, 491 more than last year.