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Stadium addresses social distancing concerns


NRL fans will notice some changes at Sunshine Coast Stadium at the next big clash on August 2.

Organisers said they would introduce more designated seating and extra gates, following social distancing concerns during the Melbourne Storm Vs Gold Coast Titans clash last Friday.

Spectators were seen sitting too close together on the hill and ignoring announcers' instructions as they tried to stagger people's exit at the end of the match.

Stadium manager Simon Ball said the Sunshine Coast could lose the opportunity to host NRL games, if fans continued to do the wrong thing.

"Social distancing is everyone's responsibility, it's not just the stadium's responsibility, so we would really hope that the next game people do take heed of the warnings and keep that distance where they can.

"We probably just ask people to come early to the game and be prepared to wait for the exit, and also be mindful of where they are standing in queues and giving each other a bit of space," he said.

The Storm was set to take on the Newcastle Knights in the Purple Army's next "home" game at the Sunshine Coast Stadium on August 2.