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HEALTH ALERT | Please Stay Out Of Currimundi Creek

We are being warned to please stay out of Currimundi Creek until further notice.  

Unitywater is advising the community not to swim or undertake any recreational activities in Currimundi Creek or Currimundi Lake.

A sewerage main broke on Thursday and effluent entered the creek.

Unitywater Network Operations Manager Martine Watson said the broken pipe had been repaired and the utility was continuing to monitor water quality in the area.

“We are advising the community to stay out of the water for their own health and safety,” she said.

“Our crews completed repairs to the broken main last night and the pipe and sewerage network in this area is now working normally.

“The overflow was heavily diluted with stormwater but there can be various other contaminants such as animal faeces, oil and petrol, fertilisers and pesticides washed from roads, footpaths and gutters.

“We are continuing to monitor water quality here and have placed signage warning people to stay out of the water. We will remove the signage when it’s safe for recreational activities again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”