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Storm-Affected Resident Fears Building Is Happening 'Too Quickly'


Image Credit: Michelle Brewer

A storm-affected Sunshine Coast resident said the damage to his home, during two recent major storms, has had a big emotional impact on his family..

Mark lives in Stockland Aura with his wife and young child and had his home inspected by Queensland Building and Construction Committee officers this week, after filing an official complaint.

He is one of six to officially complain so far.

Mark's family home is in tatters after copping the brunt of both severe storms.  "There's no resolution in sight at this stage when you've got builders that are standing by those Australian standards and not wanting to look at the quality of the product, that's where the issue lies because you've still got consumer law issues that you need to look at as well" he said.  

He said he wishes sarking, a protective film which is sometimes laid under a tiled roof, was part of the conversation from the start.

"To say it's a recommended product but not have a conversation around it, which is what's happened to multiple people including myself, I think that is wrong" he said.

Mark indicated he fears builders are under the pump.  "Look I'm sure that there's no builder that really wants this kind of a story and I'm sure that for the majority of builders are...[trying to make sure] good products are used, but I think that building is happening too quickly and that proper inspections of products and work needs to occur" he said.  

He added that this has had a very big emotional impact on his family.  "I have a young child so the fear and the impact that water coming down ceilings and water coming through light fittings and fan fittings has a terrifying effect on a young child and we're first home buyers so it's the last thing we want or expect" he said.

He doesn't expect to hear back from the QBCC until the New Year now.

By Michelle Brewer