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Sunshine Coast Dancer Performs Back-Up For 50 Cent!!

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A former Sunshine Coast dancer has said that dancing back-up for 50 cent during a performance in Brisbane last weekend was the highlight of her career so far.

Sabrina McCarthy was also a back-up dancer for the rapper at RNB Fridays in Sydney.

She said this is the biggest thing that has happened to her in her life.  "It was surreal, I haven't really had the time to process it yet, but as a young female dancer, we train our whole lives for an experience like that and it just happened in like a matter of two days and before we knew it we were on stage with him [50 Cent], it was insance" she said.

She said she only found out she was dancing for the rapper two days before.

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Sabrina said she "Got a call from a management team in New Zealand who handles the talent for the tours they do and they just [got in touch] and asked her to get three dancers together and she chose me and two other girls and we had a day to put the whole show together".

She met 50 cent right before they went on stage to perform in Brisbane, saying he was 'really lovely'.  

"We were all kind of hanging out in our green room and his manager came in and was like 'he'd like to meet you now and I was like 'oh my God'...and he just gave us all a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and was like 'you ready to kill it' and we were like 'hell yeah' and then we went out" Sabrina explained.

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Sabrina is returning home this week to perform on the Sunshine Coast, "I'm flying perform at a show and then the weekend after I'm choreographing for a show in New Zealand and then after that I fly to Europe, I'm doing a little bit of teaching over there and then I also am in China".

She will be performing in the HQ Dance Company showcase at The Event Centre in Caloundra on Friday.  

By Michelle Brewer