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Coast Man Inks $5,000 Donation To Wildlife Warriors

Shane Wallace and Scott Medhurst.  Image Supplied 

Animal lover Scott Medhurst will do just about anything for a good cause, including getting tattooed in return for a $5,000 donation to Steve Irwin’s legacy charity Wildlife Warriors.

Scott shot to fame earlier this year when he won the title of “Australia’s Sh**test Tattoo” for a six-pack of beer cans on his stomach – a selfless gesture to raise money for a young grieving family.

Now he’s taken another one for the team, tempting tech entrepreneur Shane Wallace to give $5,000 to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors by getting a tattoo of Shane’s company logo.

The deal was done, and Scott now proudly sports the WorkApp logo alongside his increasingly famous six-pack.

“I have always been a big supporter of Wildlife Warriors and a sponsor of the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, so this opportunity was just too good to miss,” Shane said.

“Scott is an absolute legend of a bloke and a true-blue Aussie just like Steve. We started WorkApp with the aim of helping people like Scott to find work and save money on everyday digital services.”

A licenced snake handler and native animal lover, Scott says he is delighted to contribute to the protection of injured, threatened or endangered Australian wildlife.

“Australia Zoo and the Wildlife Warriors team do an amazing job that is recognised around the world,” he said. “Whenever anyone asks me what the WorkApp tattoo is all about, I’ll be proud to tell them the story.”

Scott’s first charitable tattoo collection came 10 years ago while working outside Dalby. After a work colleague lost his life in a car accident, Scott decided to step in and raise some money to help the man’s young wife and three children.

He approached six worksite managers and offered them each a beer can tattoo on his stomach for $1,000 and was able to contribute $6,000 to the family. The managers also got to ink their own can, which resulted in a rather haphazard job by the amateur tattoo artists.

“It was pretty painful and the design’s not too good but that didn’t bother me at all,” Scott said. “The six-pack is a badge of honour to me.”

“I’m also a big supporter of what Shane has created with WorkApp, but we opted to use a professional for this tattoo!”

Scott’s award win for his six-pack at the Australian Tattoo Expo in July caught the attention of Nine’s Today show and earned him a live interview on the program.

WorkApp is one of the world’s most powerful all-in-one digital platforms for buying and selling, doing business and finding a job. More than 105,000 people have downloaded the app to date, it has over 10,000 listings and has just topped 1 million Facebook followers.

A self-confessed “Aussie battler”, Shane Wallace has spent the past six years perfecting WorkApp to create the totally free service that bundles many digital functions in one place.