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Sunny Coast Label Giving The Industry A Good Shake-Up


The Travelling Kimono, an Australian-owned, ethical and sustainable luxe clothing brand that produces its clothing from ‘deadstock’, is making waves by announcing their next big move: opening a female driven, eco production facility and warehouse in Vietnam.

Noosa based fashion label, The Travelling Kimono (TTK), is pioneering to become a leading brand in ethical and sustainable fashion production. Through a kickstarter campaign they’re launching this week, they hope to raise enough funds to open their own eco production facility and warehouse in Vietnam, creating a space that empowers women through employment.

“Fashion is the second-most polluting industry after oil. We refuse to mass-produce, so all our garments are limited and handmade using high quality deadstock materials that would otherwise end up in landfill,” says Janelle Rawlins, founder and co-owner of TTK. “Our seamstresses are struggling to keep up with demand. A new production facility and warehouse will allow us to employ more staff while continuing to pay a sustainable wage. We want to create an environment where our seamstresses can grow their skills and support themselves and their families.”

TTK has been successfully running for 7 years and with a focus on quality and limited production on each collection, TTK has built and continues to attract a strong following within Australia and Internationally. With a commitment to the next phase of leading the way in the fashion industry, they hope to set the standard for the future of sustainable fashion production.

“Because our pieces are all handmade, our customers love the quality and uniqueness of each collection that this creates,” says TTK’s co-owner Nicki Edmiston. “But when they fully understand our mission of “eco, sustainable and limited” they too become passionate about disrupting the fashion industry and are following this through with their fashion choices/purchases.”

“By opening our own production warehouse in Vietnam, we’re continuing to pave the way. It’s not just about paying the living wage, it’s about supporting and allowing a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees, while living up to our promise to be an eco and sustainable brand.” Says Janelle,

Their intention is to show leadership and be a catalyst for change in an antiquated industry that quite frankly, falls short in evolving itself. TTK believes there are greater ways of creating sustainable fashion and want to start the end of the era of “fast fashion”.