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Noosa Councillor Quits - Doesn't Want Four More Years Of The Same

Ingrid Jackson.  Credit: Facebook [used with permission] 

After almost four years, a Noosa Shire Councillor is calling it a day.

Ingrid Jackson took to Facebook to announce she won't be standing in March's re-election - highlighting internal issues.

Councillor Jackson said she feels pressured to conform and is often a single minority when it comes to decisions.

Ingrid is also the only woman in the local government area and will remain in her role until the March election.

"I do think that having a bigger mix of women than men would be helpful because there are different points of view and that can be a helpful thing for the community, more representative of the community" she said.  

She said she would love to see passionate locals throw their hat in the ring for the March election.

Ms Jackson said as many as 10 official complaints have been made against her and she feels she is often in a single minority, saying she would not conform.

"I think that what happens is that it's not because I am a woman, but rather because I have been willing to voice and to fight for some change and, you know, I think whether you're a man or a woman you encounter resistance when you're a 'change agent'" she said.  

"Maybe if it had been a minority of three it would have been an easier pathway, but to bring on another four years, which looks like the one I've just experienced, doesn't seem to be a worthwhile time for me" she said.  

Council has been offered a chance to reply.  

By Michelle Price