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Noosa Councillor Hits Reality TV In Search For Love

UPDATE | A Noosa Councillor has been causing quite a stir on the 2019 season of the Bachelorette after the first episode launched on Wednesday night.  

Jess Glasgow is one the contestants on the new season of the Bachelorette.

Wearing robes similar to what a Mayor would wear, the 37-year-old told the other suitors that if Bachelorette Angie gave her a rose, he would refuse to take it.  

Meantime, Angie's brother Brad was also in the house, he renamed himself Mark and sent much of the cocktail party reporting back to his sister.  

He informs his sister that Jess may not be on the show for the right reasons.

When Angie confronted the men, Jess lashed out at another guy in the house, Fireman Jamie Doran.

He accused Jamie, who walked up to Angie earlier dressed in full uniform and armed with a puppy, of dobbing on him.  

Jamie was so aghast at being falsely accused that he broke down while opening up to producers.  

The tension shifted though when Angie revealed that her brother had been in the house all night, prompting some of the guys to question if Jess was actually her dad.  LOL.  

Later during the rose ceremony, Jess raised more than just a few eyebrows when he inserted a dramatic pause for effect before graciously accepting a rose from Angie's outstretched hand.

Strutting over to the right side of the room he bragged to the other fellows about making her wait.  

EARLIER | A Noosa Councillor is leaving the chamber in the hope of finding love.

Jess Glasgow is one the contestants on the new season of the Bachelorette.

He said he used the opportunity to spruik the region, but adds that he is a bachelor.  

"This show's very positive...and you know, to be brutally honest, I'm entitled to do...if I want to sit on a Mexican beach for my four weeks leave or I want to sit on a reality TV show in Sydney it's my choice and I only had good words to say about Noosa" Mr Glasgow said.  

Jess will be hoping he gets a few roses to help him stay in the race to win the heart of 2019's Bachelorette, fellow Sunshine Coast local Angie Kent of Goggle Box fame.

Angie also appeared on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here".  

Contestant, Jess, said Noosa remained close to his heart during filming.  He said he is pleased he can speak about how beautiful is up in Noosa, and "I'm a single man, I'm a bachelor".

By Michelle Price