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This Cassowary Needs A Name

Image Credit: Australia Zoo 

Australia Zoo's newest family member needs a name.

The Sunshine Coast park welcomes a male southern cassowary.

Australia Zoo Bird Keeper Jodi Hughes said the team was excited to hear the naming suggestions.

“This new addition is already adored by his keepers! He has a calm personality but he is very protective of eggs, which indicates he would make a wonderful father in the future,” said Jodi.

Although eggs are laid by the female, it’s the male cassowaries that sit on the nest and look after the hatchlings.

The southern cassowary, which are native to Australia, are found in far north Queensland. These stunning birds are known for having a striking blue and red neck and a helmet, known as a casque. Their unique features are used for camouflaging and protecting their head as they dash through the rainforests.

“Sadly, cassowaries are recognised as endangered in Australia due to urbanisation and agricultural development. This male will be an important part of the breeding program in Australia and he is also a wonderful advocate for his wild cousins, as Steve always believed that if we could teach people about wildlife then we could save it.

“These flightless birds are omnivores, but their diet largely consists of fruits. This makes them an integral part of their ecosystem as their role is to drop hundreds of seeds gathered from rainforests floors, which germinate and ensure the habitat prospers for cassowaries and all other life in the rainforest,” Jodi said.

To share your naming suggestion for this gorgeous male cassowary, visit the Australia Zoo Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.