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HEADS UP | Feral Animal Monitoring Happening

Feral swine captured by trail camera on the move at night

Feral animal monitoring gets underway on the Sunshine Coast from Monday August 12.  

Council Officers will be surveying in the areas of Kenilworth, Conondale and Cambroon at night between Monday, August 12 and Wednesday, August 14.

Surveying is used to determine the distribution, population, size, habitat use and impacts of feral animals.

Council said it is vital to understand the extent and magnitude of feral animals in the region and monitor where they are so that activities can be implemented to minimise their impact on our environment and the community.

Feral animal impacts include damage to agricultural and horticultural crops, irrigation and fences, competition with livestock for pasture and supplementary feed, attacks on livestock, domestic pets and native animals, damage to trees and native regeneration, the dispersal of weed seeds and erosion.

The survey is conducted from council roads and reserves and does not require officers to enter private property.

The work will be performed using night-time thermal imaging equipment mounted to a council vehicle. No spotlights are used.

Surveying will be conducted in the following locations:

Walli Creek Rd / Walli Mountain Rd, Kenilworth
Aherns Rd, Conondale
Kilcoy Lane – Broken Ridge Rd, Conondale
Eastern Mary River Rd, Cambroon
Booloumba Creek Rd, Cambroon

Data collected from these surveys is used to inform and assess the effectiveness of council’s feral animal control programs and to assist with targeting problem areas.

Some survey results are shared with research organisations, universities and other areas of government from across the country, and form the basis for further research, programs and investigations.

If you have any information or sightings of feral animals in your area, please contact council. Council officers are available to assist with education and action for landowners to minimise the impact of feral animals on their property.

For more information contact council at [email protected] or phone 5475 7272.