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Video: Sassy turtle goes warp speed

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Hang the brakes, this turtle just discovered warp speed and it’s the best thing on the internet right now!

The internet has fallen in love with a sassy little turtle who’s given new meaning to the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’.

The viral video, uploaded by TikTok user @stephenseivers, has had more than 4 million views and shows a turtle making its way to water… but it’s all over in seconds, not hours like you’d expect.

The turtle whooshes down a ramp, gains enough speed to get airborne for a few seconds and then hurtles to the edge of the dock before dropping into the water with a satisfying 'plop'.

Turn up the volume and get set set to ruin your day in the best possible way, because you won’t be able to watch this just once.



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The more than11,000 comments are just as good as the video too!

“First, you were like, wheeee And then we were like, Wheee! And then you were like, whheeeeeeeeee!” - @thp2673

“Me sneaking out of work early on Friday.” - @hasselbeckgrit

“Me running away from my life‘s problems 😅” - @laura_abigail_333

“Me, careening towards the weekend.” - @thistlefinchdesigns

The usually slow-moving reptile probably got a bit of a shock at their sudden speed

“Now he's trying to figure out what to do with the two hours he just saved by sliding down the ramp” - @kevinodom43

“That little guy must have been terrified like “WAIT THESE SPEEDS ARE NOT POSSIBLE!” 😂” - @ronin8six

Even the creator chimed in to explain: “It happened so fast! Lol ! I was kinda scared for him. I tried to carry him but he wasn’t havin it.”

Not his first rodeo?

Plenty of commenters thought this little turtle had done the ramp trick before too.

“Why do I get the feeling that ain't his first time😳 anyone else think he swims back around and comes back up daily😂😂” - @wico761

“Yes because his little feet started moving before he got going down so he knew what was coming.” - @jeniwebbpitts

“Caught just enough air to jump the rope. He knew exactly what he was doing.” - @angelaura9187

“Yesss I was waiting for him to swim back around and do it again!!!” - itzmedaija

“My turtle at home does exactly that..multiple times a day.” - @johnkeating89

We love that this turtle is living his best life in the fast lane and we really hope he brings a bunch of his mates back to try the fun ride too. We’re waiting for the video!

Main image: TikTok/@stephenseivers