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The World's Most Dangerous Escape Room

The team at Mr Beast have outdone themselves again, this time building the world's most dangerous escape room.

In the video (that at the time of writing has over 20 million views) a contestant must complete the escape in under an hour he can win $100,000.

The course has 10 levels starting with a spike walled room that slowly closes in on them and yes, the spikes are real.

To add to the drama, if the contestant doesn't reach the finish line within the time limit, the money will be dropped into a fire pit and destroyed.

No more spoilers, watch the video to see all the intense action and find out if they can make it to the end and win.

In case you missed it, make sure you watch one of Mr Beasts masterpieces as he recreated the popular Netflix Show "Squid Game" as a real-life competition.