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Must-watch: You season 3 drops on October 15

You season 3 drops on Netflix tomorrow night, October 15!

So set your reminders now if you haven't started watching yet. You won't want to miss the action-packed new season!

When the first episode of the third season of You starts, Joe and Beck's new life together is looking good. They're living in a beautiful house with their new baby, and they live happily ever after – until the neighbours start showing up unannounced to visit them. That's just where things get interesting.

Joe is now a father for the first time, and his love-struck attitude quickly becomes suffocating. The season sees the happily married couple trying to juggle their responsibilities as parents with their desire to maintain some semblance of independence. But being so close to one another, things are always going to get messy, especially when Joe's attempts at starting up conversations with Beck's old friends start raising red flags.

As Joe desperately tries to navigate this new world he has helped create, he realises that it might be harder than expected.

The tone is a bit edgier in this season, and definitely less romanticised. It's more real, with actual consequences for the characters' actions. You get to see exactly what Joe is willing to do, and how far he's willing to go.

Season 3 really dives into Joe's character, with several episodes where you get to see just how desperate he can get. It might even surprise some of You 's legion of fans out there – which isn't always a good thing…

The whole season is a lot darker than the previous ones, but it's also a lot more exciting and suspenseful. It

It will keep you hooked, and things really heat up in the last couple of episodes – which is why we recommend not watching it on your lunch break.

You, season 3 drops on Netflix tomorrow Friday 15th October.