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Finally, Australia's favourite Shapes flavour has been revealed


Arnott's have settled the debate once and for all, which flavour of Shapes reigns superior?

It's probably fair to say Arnott's shapes are close to the hearts of many Australians, featuring in schooltime snacks as well as a solid Netflix-binge-sesh.

But which Shapes flavour reigns supreme?

This ongoing debate has raged across Australia since the biscuits' inception in 1954, with continual support thrown forward for Cheese And Bacon, Barbecue, and Pizza.

Finallly, Arnott's have settled the debate once and for all, with *drum roll please* Chicken Crimpy crowned the crowd favourite. 

Australia's largest producer of biscuits came to the verdict by conducting a series of Google Surveys, whereby 916 Aussies were asked what their favourite flavour of Shapes was.

Almost expectedly, Chicken Crimpy took out the top spot, famed for it's tantilizing salty chicken flavour and melt-in-your-mouth experience. However, the runners up in second and third place came in quite close!

Chicken Crimpy scored 21.9% of the people's vote, while Pizza snagged 20.2% and BBQ 20.1%.


In fourth place was Cheese and Bacon, followed by Savoury then Nacho Cheese.

One thing is clear, people really do stand by Chicken Crimpy. Like really.


Naturally, the results are causing quite a stir amidst Shapes fanatics, so what flavour do you like best?

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