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Aussies could be travelling overseas in as soon as 6 weeks

Australian's who have been fully vaccinated could have the chance to participate in a 'pilot program' that will see them dust off their passports and head overseas!

According to The Guardian, the Federal Government could start this trial in six to eight weeks.

The scheme would see Australian's who have completed their vaccination process travel to low-risk countries with less strict quarantine requirements.

Currently, anybody entering the country must undergo a mandatory two week quarantine. The new program would see that period altered and potentially reduced based on the travel destination and a returned negative COVID result.

The recent activation of the trans-Tasman travel bubble and New Zealand being categorised as a 'green zone' for Aussie travelers, may mean that the Government will consider introducing other gradings, such as amber and red zones, dependent on the country's risk level.

This move supports the notion that LibertyWorks President Andrew Cooper has been appealing to the Government for several months now.

“We continue to believe that the outbound border closure is defective in law and, perhaps more importantly, unjust on human rights grounds. We must remind ourselves also that often things that are legal are not necessarily just. While Europe and most of the world open up their borders, only North Korea and Australia stubbornly continue with strict controls over their citizen’s ability to leave their country."

Mapping for the program began on Monday and is said to play a major role in incentivising citizens to get the COVID vaccination, with Australia currently struggling to meet its deadline of having all Aussies vaccinated by the end of 2021.

Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures / Pixabay