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Woman's Migraines Turn out to be Parasites in her Brain

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If covid has taught us anything, it’s WASH YOUR HANDS. And it applies for other nasties too.

An epic week-long headache turned into a horror story for a poor Aussie barista - turns out she had tapeworm larvae living in her brain.

The 25-year-old had been complaining of frequent migraines since she was 18 - yes, well before covid hit - and she was finally diagnosed with a disease caused by the parasite T. solium. Doctors basically found a cyst full of the larvae form of the parasite taking up space in her head.

What’s horrifying is that this particular parasite isn’t native to Australia and the woman had never been overseas to come into contact with it.

So how did this poor woman get worms in her head?

As mentioned, she’s a barista - and the researchers who studied her case reckon she ingested the worms from a customer who was a carrier.

Her case was published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, which says it’s the first time someone has contracted the disease inside Australia this way. Usually people get it from travelling to countries where the parasite exists - in this case Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Thankfully doctors removed the cyst and the unnamed woman is now enjoying a headache-free existence.

Which is great news obviously. Cue the parasite-filled nightmares though...