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Lion King Teaser Trailer is HERE!

The Lion King Teaser Trailer is HERE and it is a masterpiece!

"From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock." Walt Disney Studios.

Set to launch July 2019 the film stars:

Seth Rogen
Donald Glover
Keegan-Michael Key
Chiwetel Ejiofor
James Earl Jones
Billy Eichner
Alfre Woodard
Eric André and more!

If the teaser trailer is anything to go by this could be one of the best films of 2019!

Take a look below and decide for yourself.

Love the original? See below as Lights Camera Pod has put together 'a side-by-side of 'The Lion King' trailer with the same scenes from the 1994 original movie.'

We can't wait!