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First Look - Keanu Reeves is the new Batman

There's been a lot of talk about Robert Pattinson's portrayal of The Dark Knight in the latest live-action movie "The Batman" and it seems like word has gotten back to Keanu Reeves who responded with a "Hold my bat-beer" moment by taking on a role of The Caped Crusader himself.

Keanu Reeves lends his voice to the animated Batman in "DC League Of Super-Pets” a film that has an all-star cast.

Watch the trailer for a sneak peek.

"The Matrix" star will be heard in the film alongside Kevin Hart as Ace the Bat-Hound, John Krasinski as Superman and Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Super-Dog.

Also appearing are Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, and world-famous podcaster Marc Maron as Lex Luthor.

About the Film:

When the Justice League is captured by Lex Luthor, Superman's dog, Krypto, forms a team of shelter-pets who were given superpowers: A hound named Ace, who becomes super-strong and indestructible, a pig named PB, who can grow to giant-size, a turtle named Merton, who becomes super-fast, and a squirrel named Chip, who gains electric powers

“DC League of Super-Pets” will be released in theatres internationally beginning May 18th with a U.S. release on May 20th.