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Camila Mendes stars in new Netflix thriller Dangerous Lies

Riverdale star Camila Mendes stars as caregiver Kate in the upcoming Netflix thriller Dangerous Lies.

Leonard (Elliott Gould), a wealthy elderly man dies and unexpectedly leaves his estate to Kate, his “companion, caretaker…and friend.”

While the trailer doesn’t show us how he dies, it does show us the web of secrets and deception that Kate is thrown into after her and her husband (Jess T. Usher) inherit all of Leonard's wealth including his estate.

The trailer shows the married pair moving into the large estate and stumbling across a trunk full of cash in the attic. 

But will their newly found fortune come with a price…

Kate is adamant throughout the trailer that she would never hurt Leonard but how well does she know those around her?

If Kate is going to survive, she'll have to question everyone's motives - even the people she loves.