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Fornite Season 6 I Teaser

Fortnite fans have been given a sneak peak into the latest addition, Season 6 this week.

In August, lightning bolts struck the desert and left a glowing purple cube. Laying dormant for a period of time, the cube slowly moves across the map and fans were quick to conclude by the runes it was leaving behind that the cube was heading for Loot Lake. But what was to happen once it reached the Lake and melted, making the entire thing bouncy and purple, had remained a mystery until now that is!

In the lead up to the end of Season 5 on Tuesday, September 25 and Season 6 launching on Thursday, September 27, a teaser was released by the developer via Twitter, showing purple lighting and introducing a Llama-esque robot with the caption “All great parties need a DJ”.

But what exactly does the Llama have to do with the new Season? Well, fans are quickly drawing their own conclusions. Could it be possible that the Llama-esque robot is a skin that players can obtain? Or is Fortnite about to do away with the ‘battle royale’ and bring back the ‘rhythm’ genre.