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Nintendo Direct Mini Shows Another Remastered Game

Nintendo Direct have given us a quick look at what to expect this year.

One of the big talked about announcements was that Dark Souls is getting remastered and released for Switch.

This is a series first for Nintendo and the first time the game has come to any portable device so it should be good fun even though it's yet another old game.


Wii U's Zelda themed battle game is coming to switch in a move that makes you think.. are Nintendo just in the business of remastering old games for the new console now?

oh.. it doesnt stop there.. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is also making it's way from the Wii-U to the Switch. I guess it's ok because Wii-U wasn't a very successful console so not many people played these titles.


In February we'll see some DLC for Mario Odyessy which is awesome. Luigis Balloon World will also be a free update which is even better.






Mario Tennis Aces looks great, a good fun Tennis game featuring all the Mario characters.

 There's plenty more so check out the video above!