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Vinyl Revival Hits Games

(Example of great music in Nintendo Switches The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

It’s easy to forget that a lot of work goes into the music in video games. Think about it compared to games a movies runtime is generally around 2 hours and you might hear a score for few minutes, Games you play over and over again, sometimes for hours on end. A good score can make all the difference in the entire atmosphere of your environment.

One series that has always prided itself on great music is the Legend of Zelda franchise and the game that stands out in that series is “The Ocarina of Time”

Well turns out that a newly recorded version of the soundtrack by a 64 piece orchestra is being released. If that doesn't sound impressive enough, they are making it available on Vinyl. Vinyl has long been thought of as the ultimate format for music release by music lovers who think the introduction of digital CDs and MP3s has lowered quality considerably.

Well worth a listen.