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Bathurst Features in Gran Turismo Sport

Fans of racing games can get a little more excited as one of the most famous tracks in Australia is coming to one of the biggest racing games on the the planet. Gran Turismo Sport features Mount Panarama (Bathurst). The only thing missing is crowd shots of piles of empty beer cans...

Nintendo Announce New Metroid

Nintendo have announced not one but two new Metroid games  one for the DS which looks like a classic Metroid and one that has begun development for the Switch which is the PRIME version, (so more of a 3D shooter).

E3 Gives Us More Mario Odyssey

Nintendo brought their A game to the E3 conference with much more detail on Mario Odyssey and confirmation that it will be out for the Switch this year. It even comes with its own theme song... It also showed us a lot more of the uses of Mario's cap which can strangly...

Spider-Man Blows E3 Away

The much anticipated release of the new Spiderman game is probably just as big as the new movie and it's all down to it being created by Insomniac Games After a few trailers and teasers we finally get a look at the action packed gameplay which is a seemless journey through...

Fresh Look - Crackdown 3 with Terry Crews

How to promote a game that has been in development so long people have forgotten to care about it. Add Terry Crews... ok... I care again!!! Crackdown 3 looks great It was announced at E3 as an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Step up your BOOM! Suit up and throw down as...

Microsofts New Xbox is the One X

Microsoft announced at E3 that the upgraded version of its Xbox One that previously went under the title "scorpio" will be released as the X-Box One X. It's sleeker design is an improvement of the bland box like appearence of the xbox one. 

Is Anthem a Mass Effect Crossed with Destiny?

We were teased with the release of "Anthem" during the EA presentation but it was Microsoft who brought it home with help from the creator Bioware to show us full cutscenes and gameplay. Graphically the game looks amazing, and as far as gameplay goes it appears to be like a cross...

Nintendo Pre E3

Nintendo like to do things a bit differently at E3 time.  and a few days ago have released a new Pokemon Direct presentation that features information on the Nintendo Switch title Pokken Tournament Deluxe and the new Pokemon titles for the 3DS.  

Electronic Arts at E3

The E3 conference has kicked off and already gamers are excited with some awesome releases announced. EA gave their presentation with the highlights including a look at  FIFA 18 - available September 29 and powered by the frostbite engine. Some cutscenes and gameplay from Star Wars: Battlefront 2  A new monster/mech title called Athem and...