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Kmart's Phone Jail Can Lock Up TV Controllers and Gamepads

kmart phone jail

With digital devices being used more and more due to Covid-19 and lockdown, sales of this Kmart Phone Jail are skyrocketing.

The great thing is this Phone Jail can be used for other items.

  • Cark Keys for when the teenagers can't take the car out
  • Xbox or Playstation controllers to limit gaming time (up to 2)
  • Chocolate and other sweets for cravings
  • TV Remote so it doesn't slip down beside the couch into the void 

kmart website phone jail

It's also been suggested as being a great Elf on the Shelf prop!

This could be just the thing for bringing Families back together by limited screen time. With Christmas day fast approaching, this could be the perfect tool!

Unfortunately, it won't fit an Ipad, tablet or a Laptop. Kmart, if you are reading, we need a bigger jail for larger devices!

IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook Website