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People are Freaked out to Discover Flora in Bly Manor does the Voice of Peppa Pig

peppa pig bly manor 

It’s not often that a cute cartoon and a horror TV series cross over into shared territory, but if you’ve got young kids at home, you’re in for a weird surprise.

Turns out the little girl who plays Flora in The Haunting of Bly Manor also voices Peppa Pig.

Yeah, that cute little pig jumping in muddy puddles and happily enjoying life with her family and friends with no terror in sight.

The question is, will hearing a cute pig in a horror show make it creepier or will it ruin the suspense? Because once you hear it...

Others thought it was great.

Some people were confused by the news too, thinking we were about to get a live action version of the cartoon.

Actress Amelie Bea Smith has a short film biography so far, with Peppa Big, Bly Manor and EastEnders to her name. Looks like she’s open to all kinds of projects.

I don't know about you, but hearing this news is up there with that moment we discovered Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman, actress Nancy Cartwright.

Has it ruined Bly Manor for you? Or, if you have kids, will you be watching Peppa Pig in fear now, waiting for something terrible to happen?

Image: Twitter/Netflix