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Has the Winner of The Block Been Leaked?


So if you have been following on with this years season of The Block you would be aware that the show has been full of controversy, drama and a cheating scandal (which doesn't really come as a surprise).

But add the usual drama and then throw in a pandemic and things on The Block have definitely been different this year. 

And while the season is still underway and a winner hasn’t been officially announced, there has been a definite stand out team when it comes to Room Reveals. 

The Sunshine State Duo Jimmy & Tam’s consistent styling and design have definitely put them in front to claim victory come auction day.

And betting agency Sportsbet has caught on and have the duo - who are flipping a 1950's styled home - leading the charge with their odds currently sitting at $2.25 favourites.

Coming in just after them are New South Wales' Sarah and George who are sitting at $3.25.

Is it possible that someone with insider knowledge of The Block has leaked some information on the winning teams?

Image Credit @TheBlock Facebook